Resources are now available for people with intellectual disability

Launch of new easy read resources providing information about public mental health services in NSW

The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN), UNSW Sydney, with support from the Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney and the NSW Ministry of Health, has developed a series of new easy read resources providing information about accessing and navigating mental health services available within NSW. They are for people with intellectual disability and for those who prefer simple written information.

People with intellectual disability and other cognitive disorders can experience communication difficulties that prevent them from accessing and participating in mental health care. Accessible information is important to promote the best health outcomes for these individuals. Easy read materials adapt standard information into a briefer copy using simple language and pictures. Scoping work identified gaps in the availability of easy read versions of key documents within NSW mental health services. Following consultation with people with intellectual disability and their families and support persons, and using a co-design approach, 3DN has developed easy read resources on:

  1. Navigating the mental health service sector and questions to ask
  2. The Mental Health Act
  3. Statement of Rights for voluntary and involuntary patients and individuals with community treatment orders
  4. Introduction to inpatient mental health services (this resource is provided as a template for inpatient mental health services to develop information sheets for people accessing their services)

A Toolkit is also available providing information around how to support individuals to use these easy read resources and make information accessible.

See EasyRead flyer for Professionals

  • Making mental health information accessible for people with intellectual disability – A Toolkit –

For further information, please contact Claire Eagleson at 3DN, UNSW Sydney


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