Meet Our Team

As a not for profit, our community is run by a passionate group of therapists who volunteer their time to support, uplift and educate our members.

Kim Bulkeley

Occupational Therapist

Kim has worked as an Occupational Therapist in community disability teams, management, disability policy and academia for over 30 years.

“I’m excited about the opportunities at Disability SPOT to enhance the quality of therapy services for people with disability.”

Brianna McMillan

Vice President
Speech Pathologist

Briana is a Speech Pathologist and Clinic Director of Let’s Talk Intervention Services, Wollongong. Briana is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist (CPSP) and a member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA). After being a member of Disability SPOT for a number of years she decided to join the executive committee in 2022.

“I would particularly like to bring more events to members around the NDIS, report writing and neurodiversity affirming practice.”

Kate Coleman

Secretary & Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Kate is an Occupational Therapist who owns and operates Koru Allied Therapies on the South Coast of NSW in Kiama. She works with paediatric and adolescent populations in the disability space. She is passionate about inclusivity and connections in the community.

“Disability SPOT is a fantastic organisation to be a part of to deliver professional and informative information and events.”

Sarah Hallams

Treasurer & Exec Member

Sarah is a Physiotherapist who runs a mobile practice for children and their families in Canberra. Sarah has been part of the Disability SPOT team since 2017 and has loved contributing to the growth of the organisation.

“I’m proud of the community of practice that SPOT has become, and I look forward to further developing our community to support other therapists working in this space. I am particularly passionate about supporting other sole-practitioners with networking and professional opportunities.”

Simone Dudley

Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Simone is an Occupational Therapist living on a farm in the Riverina NSW. She has focussed on promoting access and equity in service provision utilising tele-practice innovations. After exiting her allied health business, Simone is enjoying supporting Disability SPOT activities.

“Disability SPOT is a highly committed group of allied health practitioners. I love that professional development activities are now widely accessible for all, no matter geographic location.”

Trish Narula

Exec Member

Trish is a Physiotherapist who is passionate about working with children and their families to achieve meaningful goals. Trish joined the Disability SPOT team in 2020.

“I’m proud of the amazing events that SPOT runs but also greatly value the wisdom and knowledge that can be shared through the strong community of therapists that SPOT has created. It is this community that not only supports individual therapists but also ensures the best outcomes for families.”

Sarah Strong

Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Sarah is an Occupational Therapist who also runs a multidisciplinary private practice covering pediatrics through to adults and aged care. Sarah was the Secretary for Disability SPOT for the past 3 years and has been pleased to contribute to growing the community and events that Disability SPOT offers. 

“I’m looking forward to contributing further as an ongoing Executive Committee Member with development of marketing materials, assisting student placements and attending many more Disability SPOT events!”

Rene Fraser

Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Rene is an Occupational Therapist who works at The University of Sydney. She is involved in teaching into the undergraduate and masters OT courses and is completing research into parent interventions for children with disabilities who are restricted eaters.

“Disability SPOT is a fantastic community of practice and I love being able to support therapists to access a range of high quality professional development events.”

Hannah Coghill

Exec Member

Hannah is a Physiotherapist who runs a mobile practice for children and their families in Sydney. Hannah joined the Disability SPOT team in 2021 as she wanted to connect with therapists working in the disability space.

“I thoroughly enjoys being part of the SPOT team and helping to organise events that bring therapists together to share experiences and learn from one another.”

Kyrene Ramos

Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Kyrene runs a mobile Occupational Therapy practice based in Sydney’s west. She became a member of Disability SPOT after graduating from University and has since become an Executive Committee Member. Kyrene is committed to life-long learning and development and is excited about the continuous growth of Disability SPOT.

“Disability SPOT is a group of supportive allied health professionals who are passionate about professional development and making positive connections in the disability sector. It was one of the best decisions I have made since finishing OT school.”

Tess Southcombe

Exec Member
Occupational Therapist

Tess is an Occupational Therapist with the Disability Assessment and Rehabilitation Team for Young People at Sydney Local Health District. She has worked with people with intellectual disability for over 15 years and has been a member of Disability SPOT for a large part of her career.

“Disability SPOT provides a connection to the wider disability workforce and invaluable insight into multidisciplinary care and the varying approaches available to support the communities we work with. I am continually amazed at how generous our members are with sharing their knowledge, research and learnings and very proud to be a part of such a supportive team.”

Ellen Dubber

Exec Member

Ellen has many years experience working in early childhood intervention and has a special interest in adult learning and inclusion for all. She is passionate about providing support, mentoring and clinical supervision to help others enjoy and reflect on the fascinating world of disability, children and families.

“I  joined Disability SPOT many years ago and have enjoyed watching it evolve over the years as it has responded to the needs of clinicians and researchers. As a committee member, it is a great avenue for helping each other achieve outcomes for professionals and service users.”

We are commited to:

Quality Practice

A Safe + Nurturing community

community of practice

Ongoing Learning

Professional Support