Strengths Based Report Writing in the NDIS

A help or a hindrance to families?

Click here to watch/ re watch this fantastic webinar developed and led by two enthusiastic members of our Disability SPOT community Ruairi O’Donnell and Rachelle Lewis. Here are the amazing notes and PPT resources as well!

This webinar will help you answer the following questions:

Have you ever struggled with reporting on a person’s strengths while still highlighting their needs?

Have you ever considered focussing on a person’s deficits so as to support their case for funding?

Have you ever thought that your reports are less strengths-based then pre-NDIS?

About the presenters:

Ruairi is a physiotherapist working at Northcott Ballina who is keen to start a discussion around strengths-based report writing and share helpful resources with the Disability SPOT community.

Rachelle Lewis is an occupational therapist and owner of Therapy Consultancy Services. Rachelle has extensive experience writing reports for a variety of organisations and funding bodies.