Putting Telepractice into Practice: Webinar

Thank you Dr Kim Bulkeley and Katie Bourke for sharing your research and experience on telepractice! For a copy of the resources from the webinar, please click on the links below (please note the PPT slides are in two parts):Telepractice […]

Intellectual Disability & Exercise Physiology: Webinar

Thank you to Amanda Semaan (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) for sharing her research, conducted by Professor Roger Stancliffe and with Kara Foscholo, on exercise for people with an intellectual disability, including how to engage clients. To view the webinar, please click […]

Seeking Superior Supervision: Webinar

Thank you Cathy Love for sharing your insights and experience into what makes effective supervision. To view a recording of the webinar, click here. Details of webinar: What makes effective supervision? How can you find and access supervision? How can […]

Restrictive Practices 101: Webinar

Thank you Ellie & Stuart Koski for this great webinar on Restrictive Practices. Webinar RecordingPlease click here for a recording of the webinar. Powerpoint SlidesClick here for a copy of the powerpoint slides.

Postural Control: Webinar, Articles and PPT Slides

Thank you Rosalee for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us in this area! The links to the slides and suggested readings are below. Webinar recordingTo view the webinar, please click here. Please note that due to privacy issues, the […]