ParticiPAte CP Webinar- with Dr Sarah Reedman

Did you miss our webinar with Dr Sarah Reedman about ParticiPAte CP? Or would you like to re watch? Click on this link here for the recording and here for the amazing resources provided by Dr Reedman.

Dr Sarah Reedman is a Research Fellow at the Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre group at the University of Queensland. Dr Reedman is passionate about enabling participation of young people with disabilities in sports and active recreation. Dr Reedman led the development of ParticiPAte CP, the first randomized controlled trial of a participation-focused intervention to promote physical activity participation in children with cerebral palsy (CP).

Participate CP was shown to be effective at improving leisure physical activity participation goal performance and parent-reported barriers to participation, and also demonstrated fidelity to its proposed mechanism of action (supporting autonomy) which was based on Self-Determination Theory. Dr Reedman is also experienced in adapted sports for youth with cerebral palsy (Frame Running, formerly known as RaceRunning),intensive functional goal-directed motor training interventions in children with bilateral cerebral palsy (including Hand Arm Bimanual Intensive Training Including Lower Extremity [HABIT-ILE]), and measurement of physical activity using accelerometers in children with cerebral palsy and motor disability.