Doing it Differently for Better Outcomes- Post School Options

Webinar presented by Penny Graham and Isabella Sharp, from Lifestart presenting a webinar on post school options for young people with disabilities. The link is here

There are two resources referred to in this webinar: What comes next & Head High Skills Hub.

Penny Graham and Isabella Sharp showcase their unique and valuable experiences of young people who have found success from branching outside of the traditional post school options given to those with disability.

Doing it differently has allowed them to achieve better outcomes in all aspects of their lives.

Penny Graham is an Inclusion Project officer with Lifestart and has a background in social work and advocacy in the disability space. She also brings the perspective of being a parent of a young man with severe physical disabilities called Al.

Joining her as a co-presenter is Isabella Sharp who is an Inclusion Support Officer with Lifestart. She has a background in disability inclusion and extensive experience working with young people with disabilities. Isabella also brings a valuable youth’s perspective to the discussion.

Here is what you can hope to learn about in this webinar:

• What the Research is showing- outcomes from Inclusion pathways

• Creating a Vision for the young person.

• Supporting families and starting early in High School

• Scaffolding strengths, networks and circles of support

• The journey to ‘an ordinary life’ -it takes experiences to get there

• Introduction to young people who are achieving their goals. Short Video clips to introduce these amazing young adults.

• Cassie – a Fashion Designer, mentor and business student who happens to have Downs Syndrome

• Richard – runs a business, is a public speaker, and advocate anti bullying advocate with a program in primary schools. He happens to have ASD

• Aaryan is a university student, public speaker, radio announcer and has cerebral palsy

• Marusha is a writer, pre school assistant, committee member reviewing Department of Education Disability Standards and assistant Foster Carer. Marusha has severe cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss.