The Role of an Exercise Physiologist in the Disability Sector

In January 2021 Disability SPOT was lucky to supervise a team of four Exercise Physiology Students from the University of Sydney on a project placement. Disability SPOT saw this as a great opportunity to promote the skills and expertise of Exercise Physiologists and more specifically relate their practice to clients in the disability sector. Throughout the placement the students developed questionnaires and made contact with existing practices who provide EP services to gain information and insights into their experiences working with people with disabilities, how they work with other disciplines and their experiences working within the NDIS. From this they have developed some valuable resources for Disability SPOT members to help guide practice.

Resources as follows:

Client Summary Brochure:

This resource was developed by the University of Sydney EP Students as a simple to read, one page summary explaining the role of an EP and how they may support someone with a disability. Members are welcome to distribute this to clients and families who may benefit from this service.

Information Booklet:

This resources was designed and developed by University of Sydney EP students as a more in depth look into the role of an EP in the disability sector. Some information the resource includes:

  • What an EP does
  • Current barriers to EP’s working in the disability sector
  • EP and the NDIS
  • What to expect from an EP session
  • How other disciplines may work with EP’s

Pre-recorded Webinar:

The students have also developed a 34 minute pre-recorded Webinar as an adjunct to the information booklet.  

Annotated Bibliography:

14 papers have been summarised for you so you can get a sense of the current state of evidence.