Managing Burnout in the Disability Sector: Webinar

A Recorded Webinar of the Event Hosted by Dr Kim Bulkeley

Including panelists:
– Hannah Coghill Physiotherapist Ready Steady Therapy;
– Melinda Webber Occupational Therapist and Director of South West Kids Clinic-Lauren McIntosh, Speech Pathologist, Communicate Speech Pathology

Some of the themes explored are:

1. How do you manage time for your business/admin and clients? what’s a good balance of billable vs non billable/ clinical vs admin time?

2. Systems: Which ones work to make life easier and prevent burnout

3. Growth: How do you achieve business growth / professional growth / personal growth in a sustainable way?

4. Practical tips to create your ideal week

Click here to watch the recorded webinar: Managing Burnout in the Disability Sector.