Seeking Superior Supervision: Webinar

Thank you Cathy Love for sharing your insights and experience into what makes effective supervision.

To view a recording of the webinar, click here.

Details of webinar:

What makes effective supervision? How can you find and access supervision? How can you make supervision work for you? Webinar with Cathy Love, allied health business coach extraordinaire!

As the disability sector continues to rapidly expand, many new allied health therapists are finding it increasingly challenging to find and access supervision. Accessing quality supervision allows not only the development of clinical skills, but also provides opportunities to reflect on strengths and achievements and how these can be built upon.

Cathy Love is an occupational therapist with over 30 years experience working with children and youth of all ages and stages. After running a successful private practice for 17 years, Cathy founded Nacre Consulting and now works as a specialist allied health business coach. Cathy is committed to building the brilliance of people, hence her business name NACRE, which is the natural process of layering resilience and iridescence to form beautiful and unique pearls.

Tune in as Cathy addresses the following learning objectives:

1. Empowering early career therapists to request and recognise great supervision

2. Exploring models and options for supervision

3. Understanding the bigger context and benefits of supervision.