Mentors wanted for Wheelchair Service Provision Program

The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals is currently looking to expand their pool of mentors for the ISWP Intermediate Level Wheelchair Service Provision Mentoring Program. This is to support better learning outcomes and provide mentees with the best possible experience.

Those who are interested and meet the criteria below please apply:

  1. Must have successfully completed a WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package (WSTP)-basic and WSTP-i or comparable training.
  2. Must have 3 years of experience working at the intermediate level with pediatric clients and clients needing postural support devices.
  3. Must have previous experience training or mentoring at the intermediate level.
  4. Must have experience working in less-resourced settings.
  5. Must have passed the ISWP Basic and Intermediate Knowledge and Skills Test OR have earned the Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS) credential prior to participating. 
  6. Must have access to reliable internet connection.
  7. Must be available at least 5-10 hours per week to prepare for and participate in intervention activities.
  8. Must be fluent in English.

To apply, please complete the application using the following link:

To take the ISWP Basic and Intermediate test, contact ISWP Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at

It is important to note that the time to complete the Intermediate Test ranges from 2-6 weeks, therefore, applicants should plan accordingly.

For any questions, please contact Alex Miles at

Feel free to forward to others who may be interested in participating and meet qualifications.